Renta Group has released its first sustainability report on group-level – an eventful year

During 2023, Renta aims to finalise and implement our ESG strategy, as well as increase the taxonomy alignment and reporting, with the vision for Renta to be the most sustainable and digital partner for customers and employees within the equipment rental industry.

During 2022, Renta initiated a process to accelerate our ESG work and commitment. The first step was conducting a double materiality assessment and using the results as a foundation for establishing a well-founded group-level ESG strategy. An assessment was made of Renta’s alignment with the EU Taxonomy’s environmental and climate criteria for defining environmentally sustainable economic activities, with the assessment showing significant potential for a high proportion of alignment in coming years. To reach said alignment, Renta also started establishing a human rights due diligence process on group level.

“Renta’s business model has an inherent position in the sharing economy, where our expertise and innovations help customers to use equipment in a more efficient and sustainable way. We have a strong belief that in the future, the same work can be done with smaller machine populations and thus reduce the environmental impact of our business and of our customers, from reduced greenhouse gas emissions to limited natural resource use.” says Kari Aulasmaa, CEO Renta Group

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About Renta Group

Renta Group is a full-service machinery and equipment rental company serving mainly B2B customers within the construction industry. Besides machinery and equipment rental, we have three main business areas; onsite services such as temporary plumbing and HVAC installations, onsite facilities such as construction sheds, and scaffolding and weather protection. Since the foundation of Renta Group in 2015, we have successfully grown our business to 387 million Euro of turnover in 2022, with more than 60,000 active customers, to 136 local depots with a total of more than 1,500 employees throughout our segments.