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Changing the game with real-time data

Welcome to the future of construction management!

Real-time access to data such as machine location, status, behaviour, emissions, and health gives us tools for greater efficiency, safety, transparency, and sustainability.

2025 TARGET:

80% of equipment with its own energy source installed with CAN bus telematics & 80% of light equipment with motor installed with runtime tags

By equipping our assets with telematics, we gain the power to track, monitor, and, in specific ways, even control the assets remotely. We have telematics applications ranging from large machines to handheld tools and environmental control units.

This provides many unprecedented operational benefits for Renta and our customers.

Real-time asset data combined with powerful software, machine learning, and AI gives us insights into better management and optimization of our fleets’ usage and circulation.

A straightforward example is identifying assets that are not used and automatically notifying customers to return them.

We can save a significant amount of money, time, and energy and improve machine and human health. Thanks to our telematics solutions!

What is it? Telematics refers to machines connected to our digital solutions

The word telematics originates from combining telecommunication and informatics. In general speech, this usually refers to vehicle telematics, as in remote tracking, monitoring, and diagnostics of motor vehicles via a telematic control unit (TCU). This embedded system connects the vehicle to cloud services via mobile networks.

In our context, telematics refers to machines, tools, and monitors connected to our digital solutions.

We have:

1) machines with CAN bus telematics,

2) tools with runtime tag telematics, and

3) other telematics solutions such as surface-level monitoring, environmental monitoring, and electricity consumption monitoring.


Real-Time Equipment Tracking and Management 

Do you have a bunch of unused machines on rent? Gain complete control and visibility over your construction equipment. Our telematics system offers real-time equipment location, usage, and performance tracking. This means enhanced asset management, reduced downtime, improved cost-benefit ratio, and improved project timelines. 

Case in point: “Wind farms are huge, vast areas, and equipment location significantly helps in finding a particular machine on the site. You can easily save an hour or two by seeing the exact location provided by telematics.” –Ville Pesonen, CEO at Infra Builders Oy


Data-Driven Decision Making 

Who likes overspending? With our comprehensive data analytics, you’ll have the insights you need to make informed decisions. From fuel consumption to operational patterns, our telematics solutions turn data into actionable intelligence, helping you optimize resource allocation and reduce operational costs. 

More insights, less guesswork. 

Case in point: “The utilization rate of rented items is especially important with bigger machinery. By seeing that in the app, I could easily decide what equipment is not needed anymore or what item should be rented next.” – Mr. Grzegorz Budziaszek, Construction Manager


Proactive Maintenance and Reduced Downtime 

Who likes breakdowns? Our telematics technology enables proactive maintenance of your equipment. By monitoring condition and performance metrics, we can predict maintenance needs, prevent unexpected breakdowns, and minimize downtime on your construction site. Telematics and runtime data allow us to time and prioritize servicing to significantly improve machine health and availability.   

Case in point: many tools and machines have no built-in hour counters, so previously, nobody could tell how much use and wear they had over a certain period. Now we know precisely and can act on this information, thanks to runtime telematics!  

In our pilot test, the runtime of different tools ranged from 4 min to 344 min per rental event.   


 Boosted sustainability and compliance 

Would your client like to see actual CO2e emissions and savings? Embrace sustainable construction practices with our telematics solutions. Monitor and reduce your carbon footprint through efficient equipment usage and fuel consumption tracking. Our system helps ensure compliance with environmental regulations and corporate sustainability goals. 

Case in point: “We know by heart the impact a certain material makes, from planning to execution. But never before have we known the carbon dioxide emission data behind the machines we use to work with the materials. This insight gives us a complete picture” –Jonathan Rignäs, site manager at Brixly


Customized Solutions for Your Unique Needs 

Every project is different. In free-to-use Renta Easy, you have your unique dashboard with your rentals, financials, and machine information. For advanced users, we have Renta Easy+ with enhanced capabilities like in-depth telematic data, surface-level monitoring, environmental control, emissions, and so forth. We can provide you with the level of telematics best suited to you.   

We are also working hard to roll out new features with the highest need and impact on our customers. Our capabilities are improving and evolving all the time.   

Get in touch and tell us your ideas. We will implement them in future iterations!