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Renta Code of Conduct

Professionals worth your trust

Renta strives to be a responsible operator. In all our operations, we promote responsible and sustainable activities. By their very nature, our business operations contribute to occupational safety, responsibility and sustainable development. Laws and regulations that govern our operations determine the basic level that all of our employees must meet as a matter of course. However, our goal is to achieve a higher standard and act as a frontrunner in our field.


Openness, trust and mutual respect are the foundation for Renta’s values and management model. They are based on honesty exhibited by all of our employees and they also guide our internal operations as well as our interaction with our customers and partners. We want our customers and partners to trust us and we foster our reputation as an honest partner, enabling us to expand and develop our business. We are reliable professionals that our customers and partners can trust.

Compliance with laws and regulations

All of Renta’s operations are based on laws, decrees and other regulations with which all our employees must comply. In addition, adherence to local legislation must also be taken into account. Ethical practices and meticulous compliance with regulations are our first priority. All of our employees must take responsibility for their actions and conduct themselves appropriately. We also require our partners to operate in compliance with laws and regulations. If you are uncertain about the correct course of action, turn to your supervisor for advice.

Ensuring a safe work environment

One of Renta’s primary principles is to ensure safe working conditions for everyone. All employees are responsible for ensuring for themselves that safety guidelines and regulations issued by authorities are always complied with. All deviations and cases of negligence must be intervened in and any problems must be rectified without delay. Working conditions in all our units are safe and appropriate. Any problems that cause a risk to health or safety must be rectified as soon as possible. We monitor matters related to occupational safety and sickness absences regularly.

We also promote the safety of our customers’ operations and work environment by offering safe, reliable and appropriately inspected construction machines and equipment and related installation and expert services.

Abstaining from bribery

Renta does not approve of bribes in any form or on any level. Inappropriate gifts must not be given or accepted under any circumstances. Rather than promote an individual employee’s interests, any measure taken to develop collaboration must support the company’s goals and be linked to its business. We never offer our partners any benefits or gifts, such as trips to a trade fair, that we would not accept ourselves. On occasions on which gifts are typically given (such as giving a Christmas present to a customer), the person deciding on the present must ensure that its value and nature are in line with the practices and restrictions in place at the company. We do not give gifts that are unethical in any way, and the value of any gift given must be in line with the guidelines issued by the Tax Administration and the practices approved by it. In matters related to bribery and in unclear situations, contact your supervisor.

Zero tolerance of alcohol and drugs

Many of the tasks carried out by Renta’s employees are demanding in terms of occupational safety and technical performance. Because of this, we have a zero-tolerance policy on drugs and alcohol. Using drugs or alcohol at work or performing work duties under their influence is strictly prohibited. Coming to work intoxicated and using drugs or alcohol on Renta’s or its clients’ premises is not permitted. To help any employees with a substance abuse problem, we have implemented a model for early intervention and referral to treatment.

Respecting human rights

Renta is committed to respecting and promoting human rights in all of its operations. All people are equal. We do not approve of discrimination on the basis of sex, national origin, ethnic background, colour, religion, beliefs, opinions or any other personal qualities. Should discrimination take place, it must be addressed and halted without delay.

All conduct that violates an individual’s rights, such as mental or physical abuse or sexual harassment, is prohibited in any form and if an employee witnesses such behaviour, he or she must intervene and report the matter to his or her supervisor.

We do not condone the use of child or forced labour in any form and we decline to collaborate with service or product suppliers that are known to use child or forced labour as part of their delivery chain or are suspected of doing so.

Each year, Renta prepares an equality plan as part of its HR plans and it closely monitors the realisation of these plans.

Sustainable development

Renta strives to promote environmentally friendly solutions in its activities and to support the sustainable development of its customers’ operations by offering low-emission, energy-efficient rental equipment and machines. One of our central goals is to promote the efficient use of machines and equipment through the latest technology, which also has an impact on the volume of machinery in use, thereby influencing the consumption of raw materials and energy.

The machines and equipment we supply for rent and use ourselves have low emission levels and energy consumption and they are safe and economical to use. We minimise the amount of waste and hazardous waste we generate and always ensure that the waste is processed appropriately. We monitor the amount of waste we produce and its processing regularly.

By its very nature, our business – offering machines and equipment for rent – contributes to the sharing economy and the circular economy, promoting sustainable development globally.

Social responsibility

Renta plays a significant role as an employer, developer of its own field and a societal operator that actively participates in its stakeholders’ operations.

As an employer, we want to maintain our strong reputation and look after our employees. We are committed to fulfilling our employer obligations without fail. Our personnel is important to us, and we want to promote our employees’ well-being and safety in every way and safeguard their well-being in problematic situations through our extensive care and insurance network that covers the entirety of our personnel. We prepare annual HR plans and agree on development measures in collaboration with the representatives of various personnel groups.

We comply with good governance practices in our decision-making and management. Our principles include openness in reporting and our governance methods, including authorisations, are depicted in writing in our Corporate Governance guidelines.

As a developer of our field, we participate actively in associations and organisations that promote the interests of the sector, such as the Association of Finnish Technical Traders and the construction machine manager association Rakennuskonepäälliköt. We also play an active role in society through our collaboration with our stakeholders. We participate in events and discussions related to our activities with a view to promoting responsible operations.

Reporting concerns

All Renta’s employees are obligated to raise a concern without delay if they become aware of suspected misconduct or a violation of Renta’s Code of Conduct in its operations. The report must be made regardless of the position of the wrongdoer.

We primarily encourage employees to contact their supervisor, other management, the occupational safety and health representative or HR. All reports and discussions are handled strictly confidentially. In case you feel you cannot report the concern under your own name, you can raise the concern anonymously through Renta’s Whistleblowing channel, in which case you will remain anonymous throughout the process. Reports and all related measures will be processed in accordance with the operating policy approved in advance by Renta and with the whistleblowing legislation.