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Real-world stories from our clients

Would you like to save time and money? A complete overview of the machinery and equipment at your site? Check the location of a machine you are trying to find? Get CO2 emissions calculated from the fleet for a specific project?

You can!

Below, you can find some ways our customers use our digital tools to make daily work easier.

Showcasing Our Impact Through Client Experiences


Keeping order of machines at vast wind farm areas with Infra Builders  

“Renta Easy makes managing and monitoring our equipment easier. As a result, we only have the equipment we need at the site. Using the app to order and return equipment is efficient because you can take care of it immediately and move on with your day. The product catalogue also provides ideas for solving various challenges when you see what kind of machines are available.” 

“Wind farms are huge, vast areas, and equipment location significantly helps in finding a particular machine on the site. You can easily save an hour or two by seeing the exact location provided by telematics.”  

“We do not own construction machines ourselves. We can operate efficiently and guarantee a high utilization rate by renting what we need. We strive for long-standing partnerships and open dialogue to find the best, most sustainable solutions and tackle challenges together. Renta has been true to their word in this regard.” 

– Ville Pesonen, CEO at Infra Builders Oy  


👷‍♂️ Client: Infra Builders 

📍 Location: Oulu, Finland  

🏗️ Project: hundreds of wind turbines around Finland and in Sweden 


First time seeing the environmental footprint of rental machines with Brixly  

The routine is starting to set in. We know by heart a certain material’s impact, from planning to execution. But this is the first time we have known the carbon dioxide emission data behind the machines that we use to work with the materials. This insight gives us a complete picture, and we have learned that the essential telescopic handler not only makes a smaller footprint but also lasts longer – if we handle it correctly,   

–Jonathan Rignäs, site manager at Brixly  


👷‍♂️ Client: Brixly  

📍 Location: Altplatsen at Frölunda, Gothenburg – Sweden 

🏗️ Project: Turnkey multi-use building with a grocery store, a gym, 102 senior housing units and 100 rental apartments, meeting Silver environmental building standards.  


More productivity throughout the workday thanks to Renta Easy  

Through Renta Easy, I can now easily manage my projects while also being able to compare prices and have a complete overview of the machinery and equipment I rent. Renta Easy has simplified the process, enabling me to be more productive throughout my workday.” 

– Nicolas Deck, AF Gruppen Norge AS 


👷‍♂️ Client: AF Gruppen Norge AS 

📍 Location: Oslo, Norway 


Time and money count when you are running the whole construction site 

“Renta Easy app is a platform that provides me with precious information. Firstly, I am able to verify the entire rented fleet – how many items I have, for how long they have been rented, and many other pieces of information. I can also easily check the available machines at Renta’s depots to quickly book them. Both aspects are a huge time and money saver, and as we know – it counts when you’re running the whole construction site.” 

“One of the most important factors that convinced me to use the app is that all the information in it is real-time data – such as machine availability and location of my fleet. Also, the utilization of rented items is especially important with bigger machinery. By seeing that in the app, I could easily decide what equipment is not needed anymore or what item should be rented next. It’s great that Renta employees could immediately see my orders or requests on their side – execution of those orders was always pretty smooth.” 

Mr. Grzegorz Budziaszek, Construction Manager  



📍 Location: Krakow, Poland  

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