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Secure digitalization leader in European machine rental business

Trust is a paramount value at Renta. We are dedicated to gaining and retaining the trust of our customers, employees, owners, and all stakeholders. The above naturally puts a strong emphasis on cybersecurity in our digital infrastructure.

For us, a credible leader in digitalization needs to be a leader in cybersecurity as well.

We have a clear strategy, emphasis, and significant budget allocation for cybersecurity and continuous technical improvement. This dedication ensures that our services are always future-proof, secure, reliable, and fast.

Security on top of the agenda

We prioritise security and data protection to ensure the safety of our customers and employees

We also see digitalization as a key driver of sustainable business for us and our customers. This very much includes cybersecurity. 

The importance of cybersecurity, data protection, and cyber best practices is shared throughout the company, endorsed and led by top-level management, and built into the working culture by training the whole staff for awareness and use of cyber best practices in the day-to-day work.  

’ information. The development of our digital solutions places great demands on information security and personal data.  

ISO 27001 framework as a solid foundation  

Renta Group and our central IT unit DigiOffice hold the ISO 27001 certification. 

We use the ISO 27001 framework as the foundation for our technical solutions, policies, and processes to maintain consistently high-security standards.  

We are re-auditing our 27001 with an extended scope and following the same principles also in our operating countries.  

Comprehensive cybersecurity organization  

Our cybersecurity is led by our CIO, CISO and IT-management. The DigiOffice team also includes dedicated cyber professionals.   

With this operating model and ISO 27001 framework, we adhere to cybersecurity best practices, can release secure software, and respond quickly and efficiently to possible security issues quickly and efficiently.   

Technical improvements and killing off technical debt  

One of our development areas is killing off technical debt, improving underlying technology, and removing unnecessary code in existing applications. This work is necessary to keep our services secure, reliable, and fast.   

Employee cyber awareness education 

Every Renta employee completes a cybersecurity and data protection training course to ensure a shared understanding and knowledge of best practices and reasons behind our efforts. 

Ticket system for incident reporting 

We employ a ticket system for cyber incident reporting for both employees and clients to track, manage, resolve, and archive security requests and incidents. 

Use of Cybermeter for continuous improvement and auditing 

Renta uses Cybermeter – a tool Developed by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC-FI) – to continuously audit and improve our security posture (overall state of cybersecurity readiness).   

Cybermeter helps visualize the maturity level of important operational cybersecurity capabilities per domain and objective.   

Cybermeter displays the level of cyber risk identification, protection, detection, response and recovery in organisations. It also visualizes the maturity level related to the supply chain management and external dependencies. 


 Data Privacy 

We are committed to high level of data privacy and transparency about how we protect and process data.   

Registered data can only be accessed by people for whose work it is absolutely necessary. Data is accessed based on passwords and other restrictions so that those who are not concerned have no access. Registered data is managed carefully in accordance with the data protection law. Registered data cannot be accessed from outside Renta’s internal data network.