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Digital vision

Our ambition is to be the industry leader in digitalization

We make rental easy, efficient, and sustainable for our customers and ourselves by developing advanced digital services to

Optimize fleet usage

Enhance customer experience

Improve internal efficiency

Why and how?

There were no feasible, ready-made solutions when we started despite the enormous untapped potential. The equipment rental industry was still in relative digital infancy.   

We wanted to avoid adopting ill-fitting solutions, so we decided to make our own, led by our in-house DigiOffice.   

We have since created a solution for our core operations to boost optimization, user experience, and efficiency. These capabilities and internal apps are all connected to our customer solution – Renta Easy.   

But we are not pushing digitalization just for the sake of it. We get input, ideas, and challenges from our business units, customers and partners. We then get to work to deliver the requested products and solutions to the market – quickly and efficiently.  

That is our development methodology, in a nutshell.  

Thousands of hours saved with digital – every month! 

We have eliminated a ton of pointless, slow, and sometimes unreliable manual work with our solutions.   

Instead, our digital tools highlight some easily neglected things that should be focused on – such as machine health, over-investment, under-utilization, idling, and process bottlenecks.  

From easy equipment rental to advanced project visualization, our solutions are tailored to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and convenience in the industry. 

Our team

All of our solutions are developed by Renta’s in-house DigiOffice team, a virtual team within Renta that consists of both Renta´s personnel and external experts with deep knowledge and skills in digital software. 

DigiOffice is an ecosystem involving a broad mix of people and different companies. This agile approach allows tailor-made solutions and quick improvements. 

Some people can see digital solutions as hype. There is still a lot to do and resistance to change in our industry. All of the above only strengthens the need for a clear focus.  

That is why in everything we do our target is to:  

  • support and enhance the day-to-day business  
  • ensure our customers and employees are happy with the solutions 


The sole reason why our DigiOffice team exists is to help the day-to-day business of our customers and ourselves. 

– Joel Särkkä, Renta Group CIO 

Looking forward

We are future-proofing rental with four cornerstones: 

1: An Intelligent fleet 

2: Digitalized processes 

3: Actionable data and insights – enhanced by AI 

4: High-quality customer-facing solutions 

We still have many challenges to overcome. There is still a lack of digital maturity across the construction machine sector. There is still work to be done to have enough quality data available.   

Also, the on-field environment is usually very complex, with several unknown factors, many stakeholders and entities working on the same project, and a large amount of ad-hoc work.   

But we are making great strides. We need to focus on the most urgent needs and low-hanging fruits, while also looking at the bigger picture.  

As we progress with the advancement of technology in general, we will be able to report, forecast, optimize, and prioritize different events in the rental cycle – in entirely new ways. Thanks to machine learning, artificial intelligence, digitalized processes, and data.   

So, this takes us to circularity and sustainability — two critical elements in the rental business model. 

Digitalization is an enabler of sustainable operations. 

That is why leading in circularity and digitalization is the #1 focus area in our sustainability strategy. 


Digital development and improving sustainability go very much hand in hand since digitalization is an enabler of sustainable operations. Real-time and high-quality data gives us the opportunity to report and influence sustainability metrics such as emissions, fuel efficiency, and overall usage. Additionally, stricter sustainability requirements and regulations are boosting our technical and digital development.”  

–Kari Aulasmaa, CEO (Renta Group Sustainability Report 2023) 


 Last but not least, we work with machines, we work with technology, but above all, we work with people.  

Caring about people is a vital part of our philosophy. Our current and future success depends on our employees.  

To future-proof rental, we must also communicate about Renta in a way that highlights the big positives not necessarily associated with our business – technology, sustainability, and circular economy.   

This way, we can attract and retain talent from a larger recruitment pool and bring meaning to work.  

We have several megatrends working in our favour: technology, sustainability, and urbanization.  


Rental is an excellent place to be. 

Read more about digitalization, people and sustainability in our most recent sustainability report