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Connected solutions for working smarter

At Renta, we understand the complexities of modern projects. We also understand the need for reliable, easy-to-use information for better decision-making.

Our core operations are all related and affect how efficiently we serve our customers.

That's why we've developed a comprehensive and interconnected suite of digital solutions – a family of apps to cover all our segments and services.

No more blind decisions. Let’s switch on and get digital!

Our Digital Solutions

Renta Easy

The 24/7 Smart Depot in your Pocket 

Renta Easy is our customer app that allows you to rent and manage equipment effortlessly 24/7.

You can rent and return, efficiently manage expenses, order maintenance, refueling and charging, view live locations and utilization and have a timed inventory listing to your email.

And the best part? It’s completely free to use!

Take control with Renta Easy now!

COMING SOON: Renta Easy+ 

Next-level functionality and control over your Fleet

Renta Easy+ is an optional, subscription-based service that adds many advanced features to Renta Easy’s standard functionalities.

Easy+ gives users the power to track, influence, and report information vital to specific projects.

Renta Easy+ features include:  

  • Enhanced notifications: e.g., equipment inactivity, idling, low battery levels, and out-of-office-hours use  
  • Detailed history on surface levels & alerts: possibility to order and manage fueling  
  • In-depth telematic data: e.g., inefficient usage and handheld tool telematics environmental control data: e.g., dust levels, temperature, humidity for room air and structures)  
  • Advanced CO2e-emission data 

Renta Modules

Design and visualize site units in Minutes 

With Renta Modules, a visual plan and offer for your site units is ready in minutes – with all costs, measurements, furnishings, assembly, and automatic equipment lists included and ready to go. We can even calculate CO2e-emissions in Modules! 

What you see is what you get, so fine-tuning to perfection couldn’t be easier.  

Renta Modules has revolutionized the site unit planning and commissioning process, making everything quick, easy, and crystal clear.   

Renta Tools

Powering Equipment Maintenance and Availability 

Behind every smooth operation is Renta Tools, our invisible force ensuring efficient internal rental processes, AI & data-based prioritization, and equipment maintenance.   

Artificial intelligence in the Renta Tools application helps to sort the returned equipment automatically and learns to identify the equipment with the most significant demand at any given time.   

As we fit more and more equipment with telematics, the data will enhance operating efficiency even further. Renta Tools provides massive improvements to prevent and troubleshoot issues with the equipment.   

Renta Tools is a digital solution to the traditional challenges of manual processes and fragmented information.  

In essence, Renta Tools cuts downtime and boosts machine health – translating into better availability of ready-to-rent equipment for you. 

Renta Pro

Tailored ERP for Renta Scaffolding

Renta Pro, our custom ERP system, is the backbone of Renta Scaffolding operations. It seamlessly manages every stage of scaffolding projects, from implementation to billing, making complex processes simple.   

Every worker, item, and task at the site is logged directly into Renta Pro under the project number and is used for invoices and salaries.  

Renta Pro creates real-time transparency and efficiency, making it easy to check and process project data whenever needed.   

Renta Task

Precision and Transparency in Job Reporting

Task management is now more transparent and accurate than ever. Renta Task is our operational system for daily management, enabling precise task lists and tracking for each site and project we serve.  

We are using Renta Task for all billable work we provide to the customer. Renta Task allows efficient guiding, leading and logging of on-field work – which from the customers’ point-of-view enhances accuracy, transparency and trust.  

Renta Flow

Operational ERP for specialized pumping

Renta Flow is the tailor-made ERP that leads operational work at Renta Pumps.   

Renta Pumps specializes in sewage bypass pumping, groundwater control, industrial reservoir cleaning, and other highly specialized pumping services.   

Renta Connect

The Integration Interface & Data Lake 

Renta Connect seamlessly integrates internal and external applications. It links our various tools and apps, ensuring smooth data flow and enhanced operational efficiency.  

Renta Connect allows us to gather and store data from telematics and various business verticals, providing a huge data lake. This helps us mitigate the issue of complexity and deliver rich and relevant data instead.  

Smooth and seamless data flow also provides us with new opportunities to learn, recognize patterns, and further develop services and cross-functionality. 

Renta One

Reporting System for Sales and Finance

Data visualization and reporting are crucial for informed decisions. Using QlikView technology, Renta One presents vital 360-degree information in a clear and visually appealing format, supporting sales and financial planning.