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Data file

Data file of Renta Oy, Renta Telineet Oy, Suomen Työmaapalvelut Oy, Renta Yhtiöt Oy and Renta Group Oy
Data file in accordance with Personal Data Act (523/99) section 10 §.


Renta Yhtiöt Oy
Äyritie 12B
01510 Vantaa
Business ID 2443140-3
tel. +358 20 33 22 11

2.Person responsible for registered data

Data Administration Manager Joel Särkkä
tel. +358 50 323 5569

3.Title of the register

Customer register.

4.Purpose of the register

Customer relationship management (Personal Data Act section 8) in accordance with the Personal Data Act for leasing and sales operations.

5.Information included in the register/data file

The customer register is to maintain customer data, such as the company name, person’s name, business ID, social security number, address, phone number, branch, customer group, bank account, payment terms, interest rate, language, country, currency, tax code, organization, device and telematics data for equipment leased by the customer, email address and website (optional), company risk assessment, invoicing and collection data, customer account data, and prohibition on credit or delivery (if applicable).

6.Regular sources of data

We use the credit registers of Suomen Asiakastieto Oy and Intrum Justitia as well as the civil register in relation to credit transactions.In addition, the data given by the registered person.

7.Regular data submissions and transfers outside the EU or European Economic Area

Renta Yhtiöt Oy does not sell or submit the data in its customer register to any third party excluding cases of abuse or receivables transferred to a collection agency.According to the Data Security Board’s authorizing decision 4/2003, in case of abuse, the data is submitted to a blacklist that can be used by all equipment leasing companies that belong to the Association of Finnish Technical Traders.Customer register data can be transferred within the companies that belong to the Renta Group.

8.Principles of data file protection

At Renta Yhtiöt Oy, registered data can only be accessed by people for whose work it is absolutely necessary.Data is accessed based on passwords and other restrictions so that those who are not concerned have no access.Registered data is managed carefully in accordance with the data protection law.Registered data cannot be accessed from outside Renta’s internal data network.The material is electronically documented, and only credit control persons have the right to access it (via user IDs and passwords).The material manually handled by credit control is destroyed immediately after handling.Out-of-date register data is removed once a year, unless required to be maintained for other legal reasons, such as accounting act.

9.Right of review & correction requests

According to Personal Data Act section 26 a private person has the right to review their personal data saved in a register.The request must be submitted in writing and signed personally.The requested data is given in writing and delivered by post to the address given by the person to the register.The registered person has the right to correct any error in their personal data.The correction request must be submitted in writing to the address stated below.
Submit review/correction request using the following address:

Renta Yhtiöt Oy
Joel Särkkä
Äyritie 12B
01510 Vantaa

Or electronically: