Santtu Loimusalo

“Renta is a really good place to work!”

Santtu Loimusalo, currently working for Renta as a controller, ended up at the company after a friend recommended us for him.

– I was a student, looking for a job in financial management. The service manager at the IT-partner of Renta gave me a hint that Renta might need a new person in financial administration. I sent my application and about a month later I found myself working for Renta as a financial assistant, says Loimusalo.

Skills resulted to a quick promotion

Initially, tasks included assisting in financial administration processes, among other duties in the growing organization. The experience gained from studies and previous summer jobs helped in coping with the work.

In June 2017, Santtu’s skills had been noticed and he was promoted to a controller role. In his new position, Santtu was given more responsibility and started working on administering and developing the systems at Renta. Current responsibilities include reporting and developing the reporting process, leading the budgeting process as well as administration and development of technical systems. Assisting financial management tasks are also a part of Loimusalo’s job.

While Loimusalo was starting his career at Renta, he was also studying industrial engineering and management in Tampere. Loimusalo feels that people at Renta were supportive of combining studies and work.

– I utilized many of my tasks at work for my school projects, which made it easier to combine studies and work. I graduated in June 2018. In the end, everything went really well, despite working at the same time, Loimusalo explains.

Santtu Loimusalo

Education: Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering & Management
Started at Renta: March 2017
In current position: since June 2017

Why would you recommend Renta as a workplace?

– Renta is a really good place to work! The colleagues are great, and even when there is a ton of work to do, the collective makes it easy. I enjoy the variety of different tasks. Every day is different.